Lantana camara     
Bush lantana   
Verbenaceae Family     

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flower close-up
Flower form
Form: upright shrub with sprawling branches
Seasonality: semi evergreen
Size: usually 2-4ft with equal spread, to 5ft in warmest locations
Leaves: simple, opposite, to 3in long, serrate margins; stiff and rough with sandpaper-like feel, prominent tricones
Flowers: branch terminals; multicolored with mixed color hues, found in yellows and oranges, blues and reds, etc.; hybridizes easily; bloom from spring to fall
Fruit: small black or blue-black berries; poisonous
Stems/Trunks: woody when old, sprawling
Range/Origin: tropical regions of the Americas; naturalizes easily
Hardiness: damaged at 28°F, dies to ground at mid to low twenties, regrows quickly



Lantana bush
Lantana camara
Lantana bush

called (or perhaps, equated to) Lantana horrida by Warren Jones

many varieties available, reflecting easy hybridization of the species, with much and blending of flower colors

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