Mascagnia macroptera     
Yellow orchid vine    
Malpighiaceae Family      

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Form: vine; can be a shrub up to 6ft
Seasonality: deciduous
Size: to 20ft
Leaves: simple; smooth, green, 2x1in tapering to a point
Flowers: bright yellow clusters; paddle-shaped with 5 petals; spring
Fruit: large papery seed capsules, green at first then drying to tan ("-ptera" in botanical name means winged)
Stems/Trunks: smooth; green when young, turn gray with age
Range/Origin: Mexico
Hardiness: to 24°F

seed capsule
persistant seed capsule on
Mascagnia macroptera



Research by Master Gardener Barbara Schneidau


Yellow orchid vine
Mascagnia macroptera growing up a balcony
Blooms on and off in warm weather, biggest show in spring.

Fruit remains on for months. Often used in dried arrangments.

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