Moraea bicolor   
Fortnight lily   
Iridaceae Family     

Compiled by the Master Gardeners
of the University of Arizona Pima County Cooperative Extension.


Form: bunching upright grass
Seasonality: evergreen
Size: 1-1.5ft tall, clump spread to 2ft
Leaves: bright green narrow leaf with pronounced midrib, less than 1/2in wide
Flowers: on spikes 1.5 to 2ft above leaves; solitary 4-petaled flowers; predominately yellow with magenta flecks at base; bloom in late spring or early summer; plant may send up additional spikes at 2- week intervals
Fruit: not significant
close-up of leaf
leaf on Moraea bicolor
note thick midrib
Stems/Trunks: n/a
Hardiness: leaf tips sensitive to damage at 32°F; roots thought to be hardy to mid-teens



Fortnight lily
young clump of
Moraea bicolor

removing stalks with spent flowers will encourage another flush of blooming

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