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Nandina Domestica     
Heavenly bamboo   
Berberidaceae Family     

Compiled by the Master Gardeners
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Form: narrow graceful shrub, taller than wide
Seasonality: evergreen
Size: 4-6ft, spread 3ft
Leaves: compound, alternate, pointed oval leaflets to 2in long, bright green in summer, coloring to crimson in fall
Flowers: white, loose terminal panicle, bloom in early summer
Fruit: red berries; long-lasting
Stems/Trunks: upright, cane-like stems; segmented, bamboo-like look
Range/Origin: East Asia
Hardiness: down to 0°

compound leaf
leaf form of Nandina domestica



not a true bamboo
sensitive to high soil temperatures when grown in containers, requiring protection during summer
many cultivars

"Compacta" shorter (to 4ft)
"Nana" 1.5-2ft
"arbor dwarf" 1.5-2ft
red berries   Heavenly bambo
ripe fruit on Nandina domestica shrubby specimen of Nandina domestica

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