Nerium oleander     
Apocynaceae Family     

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Form: large shrub, can be trained to single or multistemmed tree
Seasonality: evergreen
Size: large variation with cultivars; heights from 3 to 20ft, spreads from 3-12ft
Leaves: simple, linear, 3-12in long, whorled around stem, glossy dark green on top and lighter underneath with prominent mid-rib
Flowers: terminal clusters, may be yellow, white, pink or red; may be single or double; bloom in spring and throughout summer
Fruit: 3-5in long pods, green ripening to brown, splits to release airborne seed
Stems/Trunks: gray, extremely tough, can be trained or pruned as desired
Range/Origin: Mediterranean and Asia
Hardiness: varies with variety, standard types to low teens, dwarf varieties more tender; damage seen on dwarfs in high teens; all types recover quickly from frost damage

Nerium oleander
trained as a tree



many varieties available with varying height and flower colors

all parts of the plants are poisonous, including the smoke if burned

white single flower pink double flower
flower variations

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