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Parkinsonia aculeata hybrid    
Desert Museum palo verde   
Fabaceae Family     

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Form: upright tree, rounded crown with age
Seasonality: deciduous or semi-evergreen
Size: 20-30ft with equal spread; rapid growth
leaves and flowers
leaves on Parkinsonia aculeata hybrid
Leaves: bipinnately compound
Flowers: showy yellow flowers in late spring; display persists longer than other palo verdes
Fruit: pods containing 1-3 seeds, paper and flat, end comes to point; light tan by midsummer
Stems/Trunks: outstanding smooth green trunk; stems thornless, branches sturdy
Range/Origin: the Tucson area (see notes)
Hardiness: mid to high teens



Desert Museum palo verde tree
Parkinson aculeata hybrid in bloom

Believed to be a naturally-occurring hybrid of Parkinsonia aculeatae, Cercidium floridum, and Cercidium microphylum, it combines desirable characteristics from the three parents.

Growing in popularity, but may have low availability because propagation is difficult

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