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Penstemon parryi     
Parry's penstemon   
Scrophulariaceae Family     

Compiled by the Master Gardeners
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Parry's penstemon
A pink variety of Penstemon parryii
Form: low shrub, or herbaceous perennial
Seasonality: usually evergreen
Size: foliage 6-8 inches high, to 2ft across
Leaves: blueish-green, thick and soft, lanceolate, apex is wider than basil portion, midribs and lower stems are sometimes purplish
Flowers: distinctive, showy spikes 1 to 3ft tall with funnel-shaped 3/4in long flowers; many shades of red and pink; bloom February to April
Fruit: pod containing pepper sized seeds
Stems/Trunks: single or multistemmed
Range/Origin: southern Arizona and Sonora Mexico; elevations of 1500-5000ft
Hardiness: to single digits


red flowers
flowers of Penstemon parryi


aka Desert penstemon

treated as a herbaceous perennial with a life span of 3-5 years
removal of flowering stalks just as seed is forming will stimulate more blooming and prolong life of plant

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