Pittosporum tobria     
Mock orange   
Pittosporaceae Family     

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Form: rounded upright shrub or small tree
Seasonality: evergreen
Size: 10-12ft tall with spread equal to height or greater
Leaves: alternate, simple, ovate, entire margin; looks whorled when viewed down branch but is not true whorled pattern; glossy green, underside somewhat lighter, leathery
Flowers: citrus-like scent; terminal cluster of small creamy white flowers, perfect, 5 petaled; bloom in early summer over short period
Fruit: small round berries; new growth overtakes and conceals berries
Stems/Trunks: grayish
close-up of leaf
view of stem showing
pseudo-whorled leaf arrangement
Range/Origin: Japan; long in use as traditional landscape plant
Hardiness: to low teens



two examples of Pittosporum tobria


white flowers
flower form
aka Japanese mock orange

not a true arid plant, but commonly used in Tucson and elsewhere

Many different cultivars available, including 'Wheeler's dwarf' a more dense, compact (to 2ft) version, and 'Variegata' with white-edged leaves

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