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Prosopis chilensis     
Chilean mesquite   
Fabaceae Family     

Compiled by the Master Gardeners
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Form: broad tree; foliage has more open appearance than other Prosopis sp.
Seasonality: semi-evergreen; may hold leaves in warmer winters or drop suddenly in spring
Size: 30ft with equal spread, spread sometimes less than height
Leaves: bipinnately compound; number of leaflets is less than P. alba and leaflets are spaced more widely
Flowers: small yellowish or cream catkin; bloom in spring or early summer; moderately showy
Fruit: tan pods; 3-5in long 1/2in across; less curvature in pods than P. alba
Stems/Trunks: smooth when young, growing darker and rough with age; presence of thorns is variable; some specimens have large white thorns when young
Range/Origin: South America
Hardiness: to mid teens

Chilean mesquite
Prosopis chilensis


close-up of leaves
leaf form of Prosopis chilensis
note wide spacing of leaflets

Prosopis species hybridize readily and are difficult to distinguish, common names are often confused in nursery specimens

Prosopis sp. respond to water with fast, lush top growth. However this may not be balanced by adequate root growth and so trees are prone to blow over. Water deeply, wide, infrequently and moderately to prevent the problem.

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