Punica granatum      
Punicaceae Family     

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Pomegranate tree
Punica granatum
Form: multistemmed tree or large vase-shaped shrub
Seasonality: deciduous
Size: 12-20ft, spread to 15ft
Leaves: simple, obovate, soft, 3in long; dark green, bronzy when new, yellow in fall
Flowers: beautiful orange/red crinkly petals
Fruit: edible pomigrante; red 3in in diameter with flared end, aggregate
Stems/Trunks: branches naturally drooping in form
Range/Origin: southern asia
Hardiness: to teens (dormant in winter)



Research by Master Gardener Barbara Schneidau


Pomegranate fruit
Pomegranate fruit
Twiggy in winter; leaf-footed insect likes the fruit.
Splitting of fruit can be caused by sunburn or too much water.
Resistant to Texas Root Rot.
Will tolerate drought, wind, salty soils, and cold.

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