Ruellia brittoniana     
Common ruellia   
Acanthaceae Family     

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Form: perennial shrub
Seasonality: evergreen
Size: to 3ft with equal spread; low branches will droop over and root
Leaves: linear, lancolate, serrate, prominent purple venation
Flowers: in leaf axils, 2in long funnel-shaped purple or blue flowers from mid-spring until frost
Fruit: seed; self sows aggressively
Stems/Trunks: purple stems
Range/Origin: Mexico, SW US, naturalized in many areas
Hardiness: below 32°F tip dieback seen; dies to ground in mid 20s, recovers rapidly

leaf close-up
leaf of Ruellia brittoniana
note purple veination on leaf bottom



aka Mexican barrio ruellia
variety 'Chi chi' has pink flowers
variety 'Icicles' has white flowers
variety 'Baby Katie' is a dwarf, standard purple flowers but height to 12in only

needs to be constrained by container or spreads like a weed

Common ruellia
flower close-up Ruellia brittoniana and
flower (left)

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