Stenocereus thurberi      
Organ pipe cactus    
Cactaceae Family     

Compiled by the Master Gardeners
of the University of Arizona Pima County Cooperative Extension.


cactus thorns
spines on Stenocereus thurberi

Seasonality: evergreen
Size: 10ft (rarely to 20ft) with spread of 12ft; when watered can grow 1 foot per year
Leaves: straight spines along ribs
Flowers: white, 3in, night-blooming, spring and summer
Fruit: red edible fruit, 2-3in long,
Stems/Trunks: lobbed, erect stems all arising from ground level; bright green; ribs are covered with close-set stiff spines; stems to 6 inches in diameter
Range/Origin: Sonoran desert
Hardiness: growing tips killed at 20°F


Stenocereus thurberi
mature Organ pipe cactus


Research by Master Gardener Toni Moore


If frost damages growing tips, new growth may be constricted. Best in warmer areas or in warm microclimates.

Large specimens not usually available. Best grown from seed or small plants.

cactus brances
upright stems on Stenocereus thurberi

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