Tecoma stans angustata      
Yellow bells   
Bignoniaceae Family     

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Yellow bells bush
Tecoma stans angustata in bloom
Form: vase shaped shrub with rounded top
Seasonality: deciduous
Size: 4-10ft, spread 3-8ft; smaller in locations where it dies back in winter
Leaves: pinnately compound, linear serrate leaflets 1/2in wide, glossy bright green, tropical look
Flowers: cluster of bright yellow trumpet-shaped flowers on terminal portions of branches; 1-2in long, 1/2in across; blooms mid-April through November
Fruit: pod containing seed with papery wings, dehiscent; pods to 8in long, tan or gray, persistent
Stems/Trunks: not ornamental
Range/Origin: tropical zones of the Americas
Hardiness: tip damage at 28°F, dies to ground at 20°F; regrows when temperatures warm up


yellow flower
flower detail


leaf close-up
leaf detail
aka Trumpet Bush
moderate to fast grower (4ft in 1 year)
survives, but has rougher appearance if not regularly irrigated

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