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Vitex agnus-castus     
Monk's pepper   
Verbenaceae Family     

Compiled by the Master Gardeners
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Vitex agnus-castus
Monk's pepper tree
Form: large irregular shrub or multistemmed tree, rarely single stemmed tree
Seasonality: deciduous
Size: 10-25ft with equal spread
Leaves: palmately compound; odd number of linear leaflets (usually 5); dark green above, lighter and hairy underneath
Flowers: purple spikes to 7in long, drooping from terminal portions of branches; bloom in early summer; in some varieties flowers are pink or white
Fruit: small seed, smells like pepper
Stems/Trunks: beautiful rough and knotty trunk and branches
Range/Origin: southern Europe
Hardiness: to single digits


leaf close-up
palmately compound leaf of
Vitex agnus-castus
flower close-up
early flower


aka Chaste tree

rapid growth when given supplemental water
may naturalize in warmer climates

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