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Xylosma congestum     
Flacourtiaceae Family     

Compiled by the Master Gardeners
of the University of Arizona Pima County Cooperative Extension.


Form: most commonly a hedge; can be trained to a tree
Seasonality: usually evergreen, may drop leaves in cold but will revive in spring
Size: 12-15ft with equal spread; to 20ft as tree
Leaves: simple, shiny bright green, serrate margin, oval, pointed at tip, new growth is bronze or reddish
leaf close-up
leaf form
(note serrated edge)
Flowers: not ornamental, in leaf axils, off white, bloom in early spring
Fruit: bb pellet-sized black berries in mid fall
Stems/Trunks: gray and gnarled, attractive form when trained as tree
Range/Origin: Japan
Hardiness: leaf drop in high teens, twigs start dying back in mid teens


Xylosma hedge Xylosma tree
Xylosma congestum as a hedge (left) and trained as a tree (right)


very similar in overall appearance to Ligustrum lucidum; to distinguish check for serrate margin of X. congestum and transparent (smooth) margin of L. Lucidum

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