Yucca faxoniana     
Faxon yucca   
Agavaceae Family     

Compiled by the Master Gardeners
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Form: upright trunked rosette of pointed leaves
Seasonality: evergreen
close-up of Yucca leaf blade
leaf detail on Yucca faxoniana
Size: to 15ft, foliage spread to 10ft
Leaves: to 3ft long, 2-3in across, stiff, sharp point on tip, margins are reddish or sometimes black, curly threads along margins
Flowers: terminal stalk emerging from center of leaf rosette, 3-4ft tall, showy display of 3in creamy-white bell-shaped flowers
Fruit: reddish pod, 2-3in long, 1-2in wide
Stems/Trunks: forms attractive stout trunk, to 1ft in diameter; old yellow leaves bend downward along trunk to form a thick thatch
Range/Origin: west Texas and Chihuanhuan deserts of Mexico; elevations from 2700-6700ft
Hardiness: to 10°F, takes lower temps for a short time



Faxon yucca
Yucca faxoniana

aka Spanish bayonet

plant will grow quite large, may overwell small residential landscapes Thatch buildup around trunk is not only attractive, it also provides protection for the trunk from the sun and cold . Recommend leaving old leaves in place rather than removing

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