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Container Garden
Plant List

Pima County, Arizona

Container Garden
Plant List

The plants on this list are located in the Container Garden area of the Pima County Demonstration Gardens. This free public garden can be toured at 4210 N. Campbell, Tucson, Arizona, Monday - Friday, 8:30a.m. to 4:00p.m.

Where possible we have provided links to the Arid Plant Manual, which provides more detailed information about individual plants.

This table organized by common name - switch to botanical name list

Agave americana marginataAgave americana marginata Cold tolerant succulent
Agave americana mediopictaAgave americana mediopicta Cold tolerant succulent
Agave colorataAgave colorataCold tolerant succulent
Agave Queen VictoriaAgave victoria-reginae Cold tolerant succulent
Agave Thorncrest Century PlantAgave lophantha Cold tolerant succulent
Angel's TrumpetBrugmansia insignis Frost tender, needs shade
ArtichokeGlobe artichoke Winter annual vegetable
Asparagus FernAsparagus sprengeri Cold tolerant perennial
Autumn SageSalvia greggiiHardy perennial shrub
BacopaSutera Winter annual in Tucson
Baja RuelliaRuellia peninsularis Perennial shrub hardy to 30 degrees
Bat Faced CupheaCuphea havea High water use plant
Bearded IrisBearded Iris Perennial rhizome
Blood MilkweedAsclepias curassavica Cold hardy small shrub
Blue SalviaSalvia greggiiHardy perennial shrub
Bougainvillea 'Barbara Karst'Bougainvillea Frost tender tropical
Butterfly Bush 'Black Knight'Buddleia davidii Semi-evergreen shrub
Canna 'Primrose Yellow'Canna Summer blooming perennial
Canna 'Red'Canna Summer blooming perennial
Canna 'Tropicana'Canna Summer blooming perennial
Cape HoneysuckleTecomaria capensis Cold tolerant shrub
Cape PlumbagoPlumbago capensis Semi-evergreen shrub
Carrion or Starfish FlowerStapelia hybrid Frost tender succulent
Cat MintNepeta faassenii Perennial herb
CatnipNepeta cataria Perennial herb
Chinese LilacSyringa chinensis Deciduous shrub
Chrysanthemum hybridChrysanthemum Cold hardy perennial
Cockscomb HybridsCelosia Hybrids Summer annual
ColeusColeus Summer annual
Coral BeanErythrina flabelliformis Frost tender perennial
Coral BellsHeucherella Low growing perennial
Cordylane 'Red Sensation'Cordylane Frost tender tropical
CoreopsisCoreopsis Summer annual
Coriander cilantroCoriandrum sativum Summer annual herb
Crown of ThornsEuphorbia milii Frost tender succulent
Delphinium HybridDelphinium Winter annual in Tucson
Desert RoseAdenium obesum Frost tender tropical, move inside at 50
Devil's Backboneaa
or Candelilla
Pedilanthus macrocarpus Cold tolerant succulent
Dianthus mixedDainthus Winter annual in Tucson
Diascia 'Wink Orange'Diascia Winter annual in Tucson
Dwarf Bottlebrush 'Little John'Callistemon viminalis Small evergreen shrub
Dwarf MarigoldTagetes erectaSummer annua
Dwarf Peach 'Bonanza'Prunus persica Cold hardy fruit
Dwarf PomegranatePunica granatum 'Nana' Cold hardy ornamental
Dwarf Yaupon HollyIlex vomitoria 'Nana' Small evergreen shrub
Eggplant 'Millionaire'Eggplant Japanese Summer vegetable
Eldorado Buttercup Flower Turnera ulmifolia 
English LavendarLavendula angustifolia Moderate water, full sun perennial
False HeatherCuphea hysopifolia Regular water, full sun perennial
Flattop BuckwheatEriogonum fascicalat Native semi-arid perennial shrub
Flying DragonPoncirus trifoliata Frost tender citrus
Foxtail Fern 'Meyersii'Asparagus densiflorus Part shade, cold tolerant
Gaillardia 'Fanfare'Gaillardia Full sun to part shade perennial
GeraniumPelargonium Low water use container plant
GermanderTeucrium chamaedrys Aromatic perennial ground cover
Golden Barrel CactusEchinocactus grusonii Cold tolerant cactus
Golden ColumbineAquilegia chrysantha Spring blooming perennial
Golden DyssodiaDyssodia pentachaeta Cool season self-seeding annual
Golden Torch CactusTrichocerus spachiana Cold tolerant cactus, pretect tip
Gourmet LettuceLactuca sativa Winter vegetable
Green Feathery SennaSenna Artemisioides filifolia Cold hardy, full sun perennial
Icelandic PoppyPapaver nudicaule Winter annual in Tucson
Italian OreganoOriganum onites Low water use, full sun herb
Leatherleaf FernRumohra adianriformis or
Aspidium capense
Shade loving perennial
Lily-of-the NileAgapanthus Low water use, full sun perennial
LobeliaLobelia erius Winter annual in Tucson
Louisiana Iris  Bog plant use in water gardens
Madagascar PalmPachypodium saundersii Frost tender tropical
MammillariaMammillaria Cold hardy cactus
Marguerite Daisy
  'Summersong Primrose'
Argyranthemum frutescens Winter annual in Tucson
Mexican Bush SageSalvia leucantha Low water use evergreen shrub
Mexican Evening PrimroseOenothera speciosa Cold hardy groundcover
Mexican Fence PostStenocereus marginatus Cold hardy cactus, protect growing tip
Million BellsCalibrachoa Regular water, long lived annual
Miniature RoseRosa Good container perennial
MintMentha Invasive but fragrant herb
Moss RosePortulaca Summer annual
Mother of ThousandsKalanchoe daigremontiana Self seeding perennial succulent
Nemesia 'Sunsation Peach'Nemesia An annual in Tucson
Nierembergia 'Purple Robe'Nierembergia hippomanica Self seeding perennial
NotocactusNotocactus Small globular cactus
OxalisOxalis Part shade perennial
Parrot FeathersMyriophyllum aquaticum Cold tolerant water garden plant
Perilla 'Magilla'Perilla frutescens Frost tender ornamental
Petunia HybridPetunia Hybrid Winter annual in tucson
Petunia SupertiniaPetunia Good Container annual in Tucson
Pincushion Flower 'Butterfly Blue'Scabiosa columbaria Blue Cold hardy perennial
Pineleaf MilkweedAsclepias linaria Native cold hardy small shrub
Pink JasmineJasmine polyanthum Cold hardy vine
Pony Tail PalmNolina recurvata Frost tender tropical
Rain LilyZephyranthes Part shade perennial bulb
Red Bush SageSalvia microphylla Native perennial
Red YuccaHesperaloe parviflora Cold tolerant succulent
Rose 'Mr. Lincoln'Rose Perennial
Sacred DaturaDatura wrightii Herbaceous perennial, poisonous
Salvia 'Argentine Skies'Salvia guaranitica Spreading woody perennial
Salvia 'Mystic Spires blue'Salvia Upright perennial
Scented GeraniumPelargonium Fragrant perennial
Sea LavenderStatice or Limonium perezii Part shade perennial
Sedum 'Carnea'Sedum spathulifolium 'Carnea' Low water use succulent
Silver Torch CactusCleisocactus strausii Cold tolerant cactus
Snapdragon VineMaurandya antirriniflora Winter annuals in Tucson
Society GarlicTulbaghia violacea Fragrant grass-like perennial
Spanish LavenderLavendula stoechas Low water, full sun perennial
Spanish Lavender 'Bella Purple'Lavendula stoecha Low water, full sun perennial
Spider LilyHymenocallis Low water herbaceous perennnial
Strawflower 'Dreamtime Yellow'Bracteantha Regular water, full sun annual
Swan River Daisy 'Toucan Tango'Brachycome hybrid Regular water, full sun perennial
Sweet AlyssumLobularia maritima Winter annual in Tucson
Sweet Flag GrassAcorus gramineus variegatus Semi-evergreen perennial
Texas BetonyStacyhs coccinea Clumping perennial, scarlet flowers
ThymeThymus Perennial herb
Tiger AloeAloe variegata Cold tolerant succulent
Tomatillo 'Toma Verde'Tomatillo Summer vegetable, tomato family
Trailing Petunia 'Superbells Peach'Calibrachoa hybrid Cool season annual
Tree Morning GloryIpomoea arborescens Cold Hardy shrub
Tropical HibiscusHibiscus Protect from cold
Tropical SageSalvia coccinea Usually grown as an annual
Umbrella PlantCyperus alternifolius Fast growing, full sun perennial
Variegated Society GarlicTulbagha violacea Fragrant grass-like perennial
Verbena Verbena Perennial ground covers
ViolaViola Winter annual in Tucson
Wander Jew Tradescantia spp Cold Hardy
Water LettucePistia stratiotes Frost sensitive water garden plant
Zebra GrassMiscanthus zebrinus Perennial grass, dies off in winter
ZinniaZinnia elegans Summer annual

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