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Pima County, Arizona

Vines, Groundcovers, Flowers & Shrubs

The plants on this list are located in the Vines, Groundcovers, Flowers and Shrub area of the Pima County Demonstration Gardens.

This free public garden can be toured at 4210 N. Campbell, Tucson, Arizona, Monday - Friday, 8:30a.m. to 4:00p.m.

Where possible we have provided links to our Arid Plant Manual, which provides more detailed information about individual plants.

Cross vine Bignonia capreolata tangerine blooms
Bower vine Pandorea jasminoides June-Oct bloom
Don Juan climbing rose Rosa Don Juan red tall flowers
Dutchman's pipe Artstolochia frimbriata frost tender vine
Hall's honeysuckle Lonicera japonica fast growth, evergreen
Pyracantha P. coccinea "firethorn" evergreen. red berries
Creeping figFicus repens vine grown for foliage
Pink jasmine Jasminum polyanthum fast climbing evergreen
Cat's clawMacfadyena unguis-cati self-attaches to wall
Star jasmine J. multiflorum white star blooms
Primrose jasmineJ. mesnyi vine or shrub
Argentine trumpet vineClytostoma callisteioides violet blooms. large leaf
Carolina jessamineGelsemium sempervirens evergreen. yellow bloom
Trumpet honeysuckleLonicera sempervirens long tubular red blooms
Yellow orchid vineMascagnia macroptera spring bloomer
Coral vineAntigonon leptopus drought tolerant
Queen's wreath Petrea volubilis frost tender. big bloomer
BougainvilleaBougainvillea shrub/vine. great color.
Cecile brunnerRosa "cecile brunner" small pink roses
Creeping jennyLysimachia nummularia yellow foliage. 6-12"
Variegated vincaVinca major (variegated) sun to shade
Catmint Nepeta cataria summer bloom
RosemaryR. officinalis woody hardy shrub
AjugaA. reptans blue flowers. shade
Emu bushEremophila maculata evergreen. to 5' tall
PenstamonPenstemon parryi native to Arizona desert
Dwarf plumbagoCeratostigma "dwarf" groundcover
Twisted myrtleMyrtus communis 9-12 feet tall
California fuchsiaEpilobium carum orange blooms till fall
BulbineBulbine frutescens blooms spring to fall
Trailing lantanaL. montevidensis frost tender
Orange jubileeTecoma stans frost tender. to 10' tall
Autumn sageSalvia greggii drought tolerant
Indian hawthornRhaphiolepsis indica 4 foot shrub
CalylophusC. Hartwegii "Sundrops" blooms through summer
Gopher plantEuphorbia biglandulosa cold hardy. heat tolerant
GermanderTeucrium chamaedrys pinkish blooms in May
Dusty millerSenecio cineraria biennial. silver-grey
Arcadia juniperJuniperus sabina spreading groundcover
WedeliaW. trilobata evergreen
Purple heartTradescantia pallida groundcover to 18" tall
Geranium "cranesbill"G. viscosissimum pink flowers in spring
PeriwinkleVinca major fast grower. evergreen
FleabaneErigeron philadelphicus biennial
Angelina daisyHymenoxys acaulis yellow flowers
Texas Mt. LaurelSophora secundiflora evergreen shrub/tree
Lily of the nileAgapanthus tall blue flowers
Pincushion flowerScabiosa columbaria Arizona wildflower
Cape mallowAnisodontea mounding bush.
VerbenaVerbena frost tender creeper
Artemisia"powis castle" grey-green leaves
FreesiaFreesia grown from corms
DyssodiaD. Pentachaeta low grower. yellow
Cotton lavenderSantolina ineana grey-green foliage
Bearded irisIris, bearded spring bloomer
CoreopsisC. grandiflora yellow-orange blooms
Coreopsis, eared"auriculata" yellow blooms
Az sun blanketGaillardia grandiflora constant bloomer
Bat faced cupheaCuphea llavea drought tolerant
Blood flowerAsciepias curassavica bright orange
PhotiniaP. fraseri evergreen. to 8 feet
Lilac bushSyringa oleaceae spring bloomer
Butterfly bushBuddleia loganiaceae frost tender
Sweet acacia treeBuddleia loganiaceae fast grower
DiclipteraAcanthaceae full sun to pt shade
EuryopsE. Pectinatus yellow bush daisy
GauraG. lindheimeri long spike blooms
ColumbineAquilegia spp. hardy evergreen
HollyhockAlcea setosa spectacular blooms
Silver king artemesiaArt. "Silver King"fast growing evergreen
Sky flowerDuranta repens violet flowers
Black-eyed susanRudbeckia hirta orange-yellow daisy
Texas rangerLeucophyllum frutescens drought tolerant shrub
Lamb's earsStachys byzantine soft, furry leaves
SalviaS. Nemorosa violet blue flowers
DayliliesHemerocallis liliaceae orange blooms
YarrowAchilla yellow bloom to 3 feet
CannaCannaceae huge leaves and blooms
OreganoOriganum edible plant
ThymeThymus many varieties
Redbud, OklahomaCercis canadensis pink blooms in spring
Chihuahua rain sageSalvia "Chihuahua" drought tolerant
Mexican bush sageSalvia leucantha frost tender
Anna apple"Anna" produces at young age
Kadota figMoraceae can produce 2 crops/yr
Midpride peachRosaceae  
Desert delight nectarineRosaceae  

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