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Research project:

Nitrate and nitrite reductase enzymes in the free-living diazotroph, Azotobacter vinelandii

A. vinelandii is a model organism for the analysis of nitrogen fixation and nitrate assimilation. The genome of A. vinelandii was recently sequenced by a joint effort between the University of Arizona and the DOE Joint Genome Laboratory. Genes encoding nitrate and nitrite reductases, and associated functions such as nitrate and nitrite transport, are being analyzed. The promoter region of the nasABH is being analyzed for its responses to ammonium, nitrate, and nitrite. The cognate transcriptional activator systems, NtrBC and NasST recognize DNA sequences upstream of nasABH and these regions are being analyzed, as are the functions of the Nas ABH structural proteins, and related Nas proteins involved in nitrate transport and synthesis of the essential nitrate reductase cofactor, molybdopterin.
For more information: Dr. Christina Kennedy, ckennedy@u.arizona.edu
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