Division of Plant Pathology and Microbiology in Plant Sciences Department
Research project:

Entomopathogenic nematodes diversity in Jordan

With the rapid worldwide degradation of soils, particularly in desert or semi-desert ecosystems, rational management urgently requires increased knowledge of the ecology of these soils, including knowledge of the diversity of the soil flora and fauna and their respective interactions. Nematodes and insects are among the most abundant faunal components of the soil. The objectives of this project are to isolate and identify the diversity of insect parasitic nematodes, particularly of soil-inhabiting insects and from cryptic habitats from arid and semi-arid ecosystems in Jordan. These nematodes have the potentially to provide an environmentally-safe alternative to control insect pests in agricultural and forestry systems and also for the control of insects pests of human and veterinary importance. In addition to developing a deeper understanding of the diversity, and biology of insect-pathogenic nematodes in Jordan , the present study will also provide new knowledge and tools for developing non-chemical and non-toxic pest control programs in desert and semi-desert habitats.

For more information: Dr. Patricia Stock, spstock@ag.arizona.edu
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