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Small Steps to Health and Wealth Instructor Guides

Small Steps to Health and Wealth Instructor Guides: Overview

Track Your Current Behavior

Unload Your Childhood Baggage

Put Your Mind To It

Commit to Making a Change

Defy Someone or Defy the Odds

Think Balance-Not Sacrifice

Control Your Destiny

Make Progress Every Day

Get Help and Be Accountable

Meet Yourself Halfway

Say “No” to Supersizing

Convert Consumption Into Labor

Compare Yourself With Benchmarks

Use Easy Frames of Reference

Automate Good Habits and Create Templates

Live “The Power of 10”

Take Calculated Risks and Conquer Fears

Appreciate Teachable Moments and Wake-Up Calls

Weigh the Costs and Benefits of Changing

Step Down to Change

Kick It Up a Notch

Control Your Environment

Monitor Your Progress & Reward Success

Expect Obstacles & Prepare For Relapses

Set a Date & Get Started…Just Do It!