1998 Citrus and Deciduous Fruit
and Nut Research Report

Glenn Wright and Mike Kilby


Table of Contents


  1. Efficacy of Insecticides to Citrus Thrips on Lemons in Yuma Arizona 1997
  2. Commercial Evaluation of M-96-015 for Control of Citrus Mealybug, Woolly Whitefly and Citrus Thrips in Lemons
  3. Susceptibility of Lemons to Citrus Thrips Scarring Based on Fruit Size
  4. Seasonal Abundance and Field Testing of a Citrus Thrips Temperature Development Model in Arizona Citrus
  5. Citrus Peel Miner Marmara salictella Monitoring Techniques and Control Measures 1996-1997
  6. Improving Management and Control of Fungal Diseases Affecting Arizona Citrus Trees, 1997
  7. Applying Roundup to the Base of Lemon Tree Canopies: Preliminary Effects on Leaves, Flowers, Fruitlets, and Yield
  8. Evaluation of Milestone Herbicide for Early Post-emergence Weed Control in Cirtus on the Yuma Mesa
  9. Results of Scion and Rootstock Trials for Citrus in Arizona - 1997
  10. International Society of Citrus Nurserymen Conference Report

Fruit and Nuts

  1. Growing Blackberries in the Low Desert
  2. Effective Management Tools for Septorial Leaf Spot of Pistachio in Arizona
  3. Effect of Foliar Application of Benomyl on Severity of Septoria Spot on Pistachio in Southeastern Arizona
  4. Foliar Applications of Boron to Pecan Trees Does Not Affect Fruit Set
  5. Influence of Nut Cluster Position on the Incidence of Viviparity for the Pecan Cultivars "Western Schley" and "Wichita"
  6. Revitalizing "Wichita" Pecan Productivity Through Corrective Pruning - First Year Results
  7. Nutritional Status of Wine Grapes Cultivars Grown in Southern Arizona
  8. Pruning Methods Affect Yield and Fruit Quality of 'Merlot' and 'Sauvignon Blanc' Grapevines
  9. The Response of Table Grape Growth, Production, and Ripening to Water Stress

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