Forage and Grain:

A College of Agriculture Report
Michael Ottman 

Table of Contents


  1. Three Year Summary of Yields, Weed Infestation and Other Attributes of Five Alfalfa Varieties Planted October 1994 on the Colorado River Indian Tribes Reservation
  2. First Year Field Evaluation of Nine Alfalfa Varieties Planted October 1997 on the Colorado River Indian Tribes Reservation
  3. Alfalfa Variety Trial in Graham County Arizona, 1997
  4. Alfalfa Variety Trial in Cochise County Arizona, 1997
Weed Control
  1. Effect of Granular Norflurazon (Zorial 5G) on Alfalfa Establishment in Parker Valley
  2. The Use of Norflurazon (Zorial 5G) in Parker Valley Alfalfa for Purple Nutsedge Supression in 1997-98

Barley and Wheat

Fertilizer Management
  1. Field-scale Demonstration of Prevention of HVAC Dockage in Kronos Durum by Late Season Nitrogen Application
  2. Late Season Tissue Tests for Critical Grain Protein Content in Durum, Maricopa, 1998
  3. Tissue Testing Guidelines for Nitrogen Management in Malting Barley, Maricopa, 1998
  4. Developing Sap Nitrate Tests for Wheat and Barley, Maricopa, 1998
  5. Influence of Ironite and Phosphorus on Yield of Oats and Content of Lead and Arsenic at Different Stages of Growth
  6. Durum Wheat Response to Pre-plant Phosphorus at Safford Agricultural Center, 1998
  1. Field-scale Demonstrations of the Timing of the Last Irrigation in Wheat
  2. Irrigation Scheduling on Barley and Durum Wheat at the Safford Agricultural Center, 1998
Seeding Methods
  1. Row Spacing and Direction Effects on Yield, Water Use, Tillering and Light Interception of One-Irrigation Barley
Varieties and General Production Practices
  1. Small Grain Variety Trials Safford Agricultural Center, 1998
  2. Small Grains Variety Evaluation at Marana, Maricopa, and Yuma, 1998
Weed Control
  1. Evaluation of Puma (Fenoxaprop) for Littleseed Canarygrass Control in Durum Wheat in Central Arizona (1998)

Corn and Sorghum

  1. Corn Hybrid Evaluations, Bonita, 1997
  2. Grain Sorghum Hybrid Evaluation at Gila Bend, Marana, and Maricopa, 1997
  3. Planting Date and Sorghum Flowering at Maricopa, 1997

Other Crops

  1. Winter Forage Cover Crop Trials
  2. Kenaf Varietal Comparisons at the Safford Agricultural Center, 1996-97
  3. National Dry Bean Nursery Trials in Bonita, 1997

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