Cotton: A College of Agriculture Report for 1999

Editor: Jeff Silvertooth

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The 1998 cotton season in Arizona was one of many challenges. Cotton farmers across the region faced inclement weather, insect pressures, and extremely poor market conditions in an effort to produce a profitable crop. The information provided in the 1999 University of Arizona Cotton Report represents the efforts of many researchers and the results of their projects from many locations in Arizona in 1998. University of Arizona faculty and staff, USDA-ARS, and industry researchers have contributed to this report. Collaboration among researchers, farmers, crop consultants, and industry representatives is a valuable component to a viable research effort in production agriculture and this is clearly demonstrated by much of the work described in this report.

The College of Agriculture at the University of Arizona is committed to maintaining personnel and resources capable of addressing the research needs of the agricultural industries of Arizona in a proactive and effective manner. The delivery of pertinent information to the people of the State through Extension education programs is also a critical aspect of the College of Agriculture. The information provided through the research programs serves as the basis from which recommendations and production guidelines are developed. Continued dialogue and cooperation between researchers and educators with the agricultural community is essential to maintaining functional research programs and providing producers with objective information and the latest in technological advances.

Gene Sander
Vice Provost and Dean
College of Agriculture

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