A College of Agriculture Report for 2000

Editors: David N. Byrne and Patti Baciewicz

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It is important to us to present the results of our research in a timely fashion. This report provides the latest information concerning vegetable research coducted this last year by The University of Arizona's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences personnel. Authors of these reports are employed either at the county, regional or state levels.

There are four main parts to the 2000 Vegetable Report: Insects, Plant Pathogens, Variety Trials and Weeds. Within these sections you will find a reports on a wide variety of subjects. For example, in the Insect section there in information concerning the population dynamics of aphids on lettuce as well as information concerning insecticide application technology. If you have any suggestions concerning the format of this report, please contact me at (520) 621-7169 or If you have comments or questions concerning the contents of individual reports, it is suggested that you contact the individual(s) responsible for the research directly. Their addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are listed in the publication.

If you have any comments concerning the direction of future research, again, please feel free to communicate these ideas to any of the authors of this report. The Vegetable IPM Committee meets several times per year and we are anxious to hear from you. Once each year the Committee meets with the Advisory Committee to discuss research plans. If you are interested in participating, you may again contact any author of these reports.

We sincerely appreciate your support of our programs and hope that, with your help, they will continue to improve.

Recipients are encouraged to obtain the portions of this report in which they are interested by accessing this site. This is a pdf file and includes the entire text of all reports, but may exclude certain tables and figures. Additional printed versions may be obtained by contacting your local County Extension office.

David N. Byrne
Professor and Editor

This is part of publication AZ1177: "Vegetable: A College of Agriculture Report," 2000, College of Agriculture, The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, 85721. Any products, services, or organizations that are mentioned, shown, or indirectly implied in this publication do not imply endorsement by The University of Arizona. The University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
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