2000 Citrus and Deciduous Fruit
and Nut Research Report

Glenn Wright and Mike Kilby


Table of Contents


  1. Insecticide Rotation and Pre-Petal Fall Applications for Citrus Thrips Management
  2. Residual Activity of Insecticides to Citrus Thrips on Lemon Foliage
  3. Protective and Yield Enhancement Qualities of Kaolin on Lemons
  4. Tank Mixing Success for Citrus Thrips Control is Not Necessary
  5. Effect of Temperature and Moisture on Survival of Phytophthora in Citrus Grove Soil
  6. Effect of Foliar Boron Sprays on Yield and Fruit Quality of Navel Oranges in 1998 and 1999
  7. Development of Best Management Practices for Fertigation of Young Citrus Trees
  8. Girdling "Fairchild" Mandarins and "Lisbon" Lemons to Improve Fruit Size
  9. Results of Scion and Rootstock Trials for Citrus in Arizona -- 1999
  10. Use of a Slow Release Triazone-Based Nitrogen Fertilizer on Lemon Trees

Fruit and Nuts

  1. Evaluation of Temik (aldicarb) for the Control of the Pecan Aphid Complex for Pecans Grown in Arizona
  2. Effect of Powdery Mildew on Pecan Nut Weight and Quality
  3. Pecan Variety Study on the Safford Agricultural Center
  4. Fungicidal Performance in Managing Septoria Leaf Spot of Pistacho in Arizona
  5. Performance of Mature Pecan Varieties in the Low Desert of Pinal County 1997-1999
  6. Population Dynamics of Pecan Aphids and Their Green Lacewing Predators in Insecticide-Free Pecans
  7. Improvement of "Flame Seedless" Grape Coloration at Harvest as Influenced by Trunk Girdling

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