Cotton: A College of Agriculture Report for 2001

Editor: Jeff Silvertooth

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As cotton producers in Arizona and the desert Southwest endeavor to maintain viable and sustainable systems in a harsh economic climate, the use and incorporation of appropriate technologies is very important. In many cases further development and refinement is necessary to successfully bring many technological advances into the field in a commercial setting. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at the University of Arizona is involved in all stages of this process, from the lab to the field.

The 2001 University of Arizona Cotton Report provides an update on recent research information developed by University of Arizona faculty and USDA-ARS scientists. The information provided by these research projects provides the basis from which crop management recommendations and guidelines are developed. Information is then extended into the cotton industry in Arizona and this region through the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension System.


Signature of Gene Sander

Gene Sander
Vice Provost and Dean
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

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