the 2001 Turfgrass, Landscape and Urban IPM Research Summary
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, The University of Arizona

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Dean's Letter
Dedication Page



Dean's Letter

Dear Colleagues:

The University of Arizona College of Agriculture is proud to bring you the 2001 Turfgrass and Ornamental Research Report. This publication includes the efforts of many dedicated scientists and staff personnel. It brings you the latest information and research findings in this highly specialized and fast growing area of agriculture - the green industry!

Your Land Grant University is helping the green industry in addressing key challenges it faces in a modern and economically competitive world. The reports in this volume contain information that can assist you in the successful production and maintenance of turfs and landscapes which are important to the people and the economy of Arizona.


Eugene G. Sander
Vice Provost and Dean

Dedication Page

This eighth edition of the
Turfgrass and Ornamental Research Summary
is dedicated to

William Emerson
and the Emerson Family

Whose efforts as a professional Superintendent of Turf
have demonstrated leadership in support of
better Turfgrass Management through research and education

Compiled by:
David M. Kopec

Prepared by:
Connie Colbert

Production Supervisor:
Robert Casler

Produced by Agricultural Communications and Computer Support



Adams, Alan -- Undergraduate Student, Turfgrass Management
Alexander, Judith. - Director, Grounds, Tucson Airport Authority
Bates, Michael -- Superintendent, Green Valley Country Club
Bourn, Chris -- Undergraduate Student, Turfgrass Management
Christiansen, Dana -- Farm Superintendent, Colorado State University
Davison, Elizabeth -- Instructor/Cooperative Extension, Landscape Horticulture, Plant Sciences
Gilbert, Jeffrey J. -- Research Specialist, Turf, Plant Sciences
Hughes, Harrison -- Professor, Horticulture, Colorado State University
Jensen, David M. -- Research Associate, Turf, Plant Sciences
Kelly, Jack -- Landscape Extension Agent, Pima County Cooperative Extension
Kerr, Darren E. -- Farm Supervisor, Campus Agricultural Center
Kopec, David M. - Extension Specialist, Turf, Plant Sciences
Koski, Anthony -- Instructor/Extension Specialist, Turf, Colorado State University
Liddell, Steven B. -- Undergraduate Student, Turfgrass Management
Marcum, Kenneth P. -- Assistant Professor, Turf, Plant Sciences
Pessarakli, Mohammed -- Research Specialist Senior, Turf, Plant Sciences
Ruhl, Todd E. -- Farm Assistant, Campus Agricultural Center
Schuch, Ursula K. - Extension Specialist, Landscape Horticulture
Whitlark, Brian S. -- Graduate Research Assistant, Soil and Water Sciences

*Contributors are with the University of Arizona unless otherwise noted.


The University of Arizona is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Any products, services, or organizations that are mentioned, shown, or indirectly implied in this publication do not imply endorsement by the University of Arizona.
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Published September 2001
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