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Turfgrass, landscape and urban IPM research summary

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Compiled by:
David M. Kopec

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Robert Casler

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Series P-155
Publication AZ1487


Noah Gessler - Former Student Research Assistant, Turf, now Assistant Supt of Golf Management, Ventana Canyon Golf and Resort
Jeff J. Gilbert - Research Specialist Senior, Turfgrass
W. N. Henry - Former Graudate Student, Soil Water and Environmental Science, now Staff Geologist, Stantec Environmental Services
David M. Kopec - Extension Specialist, Turfgrass Management
Steven Nolan - Student Research Assistant, Turf
Mohammad Pessarakli - Research Associate Professor, Turfgrass Science
Andrew Pond - Research Specialist, Soil, Water and Environmental Science
Kai Umeda - Area Agent, Turf Management, Maricopa Extension
Dr. James Walworth - Extension Specialist, Soil Science

*Contributors are with the University of Arizona unless otherwise noted.