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Small Grains Variety Evaluation at Arizona City, Coolidge, Maricopa and Yuma, 2011
Michael J. Ottman
Determination of optimal planting configuration of low input and organic barley and wheat production in Arizona
Michael J. Ottman and P. Andrade-Sanchez
Response of Wheat and Barley Varieties to Phosphorus Fertilizer, 2011
Michael J. Ottman
Nitrogen Fertilizer Requirement of Feed and Malting Barley Compared to Wheat, 2011
Michael J. Ottman

Invinsa Application to Reduce Water Stress Effects on Corn Growth and Yield at Maricopa, AZ, 2011
Michael Ottman and B. A. Kimball
Silage Corn Variety Trial in Central Arizona
Jay Subrabmani and Shawna Loper
Effects of Zn fertilizer on cadmium accumulation in durum wheat
Guangyao (Sam) Wang, Michael Ottman, and Rufus L. Chaney
Late N management in durum wheat using crop models and canopy reflectance
Guangyao (Sam) Wang, Michael Ottman, and Kelly Thorp

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