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This Web site contains a tremendous amount of information of use to gardeners of all interests and abilities. However, the size and complexity of the site presented a challenge to the Web development team. To address the complexity of the material, efforts have been made to organize this site so that users can get the most value from the information within.

All of the Web pages have a similar "look and feel," that includes a dark green header with navigation links, a light tan background, and a dark brown "soil" border. Unvisited hot-links appear in maroon, while visited links turn dark green. The body of the document uses a serif font, while navigation and chapter reference information should appear in a sans serif font.

Efforts have been made to allow this site to be viewed by a wide range of browser types and versions. However, if the Web pages do not appear properly, you may need to consider upgrading your browser.

Within a section, extensive navigational links are provided.

Typical Navigation for a Section of the Manual

typical section
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The bottom portion of each Web page also includes navigation links to the index for the chapter, and for long sections, a link to the next subsection.

Typical Navigation Elements at the Bottom of Each Web Page


The Master Gardener Manual Web site uses images extensively. In most cases the images are part of the page with the text. However, images that contain significant detail may be hot-linked to larger versions of the same image. Linked images are indicated with a small "pointing finger" icon, and they have a maroon border.
Example of Linked Image

Linked image

We are always interested in improving the the structure, organization and content of this site. Please send your comments and suggestions via the "comment" link below, or to Kenneth Seasholes at Thank you for visiting the Arizona Master Gardener Manual Web site.

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