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The printed version of the Arizona Master Gardener Manual forms the core of the curriculum for the successful and highly regarded Master Gardener volunteer program. Volunteer educators (Master Gardeners) are recruited and trained to deliver research based home horticultural information to the public. The Master Gardener program is administered by the Arizona Cooperative Extension, which is part of the University of Arizona's College of Agriculture.

Master Gardeners are highly trained volunteers working with the University of Arizona to provide the public with information on environmentally responsible gardening and landscaping. After completing a specialized course in gardening through their local University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Agent they assist the agent by
  • staffing plant question phone lines
  • giving talks to local groups
  • introducing children to gardening
  • presenting information at garden and trade shows
  • organizing educational programs and conferences.
  • creating and maintaining demonstration gardens which showcase new plants, new planting methods, composting, & new irrigation methods
To find out more about the Master Gardening program in your county, contact your local University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Horticulture Agent In Maricopa County see

The Manual was developed as a collaborative project by county Extension Agents and Specialists, with assistance from University faculty and staff, along with Master Gardeners themselves.


  • Lucy Bradley
  • Michael Kilby
  • Robert E. Call (Lawns)
  • David Kopec (Lawns)
  • Joe Capizzi (Diagnosing Plant Damage)
  • David Langston
  • James D. Claridge (Landscape Design)
  • Otis Maloy (Diagnosing Plant Damage)
  • Thomas DeGomez
  • Terry Mikel
  • Thomas Doerge
  • Norman Oebker
  • James Green (Diagnosing Plant Damage)
  • Jimmy Tipton
  • Richard Gibson
  • Mark Wilcox
  • Roberta Gibson
  • Deborah Young
  • Robin Grumbles

Note: Not all chapters of the Arizona Master Gardener Manual available on this Web site. New chapters are being added during the summer and early fall of 1998. Please check back for new chapters.

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