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Knowing when and how to water plants is one of the most important aspects of gardening and landscape plant maintenance; it is also one of the most complex. Many interacting factors determine the frequency of application and the amount of water to be applied. Some of these factors include: the plant's inherent water requirements based on species; the climate of the region (maco climate) and the environment around the home (micro climate); the season of year; the type of water delivery (irrigation) system; and the desire or necessity to conserve water.

A great portion of Arizona is either arid or semi-arid, and within these regions reside much of the state's population. Tremendous and ever-increasing demands are being placed on our limited water resources. As water for landscapes and gardens utilizes roughly 60% of the total water consumed by residents, it behooves us all to make wise decisions about the use of this water for irrigation purposes. This includes proper landscape planning, plant selection, efficient irrigation, and wise water management practices.

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Water Requirements

Irrigation System Selection

Irrigation System Design

Irrigation System Installation

Irrigation System Maintenance

Irrigation System Evaluation and Scheduling


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