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From: Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 17, Section 239.

17-239. Wildlife depredations; investigations; corrective measures; disposal; reports; appeal.

  • A. Any person suffering property damage from wildlife may exercise all reasonable measures to alleviate such damage, except that reasonable measures shall not include injuring or killing game mammals, game birds or wildlife protected by federal law or regulation unless authorized under subsection D of this section. A person may not retain or sell any portion of an animal taken pursuant to this subsection except as provided in section 3–2403.
  • B. Any person suffering such property damage may, after resorting to such relief as is provided in subsection A of this section, file a written report with the director, advising him of the damage suffered, and the species of animals causing such damage, and the director shall forthwith order an investigation and report by an employee trained in the handling of wild animal depredation.
  • C. The department shall provide technical advice and assist in the necessary anti-depredation measures recommended in the report, including trapping, capturing and relocating animals.
  • D. If harvest of animals is found to be necessary to relieve damage, the commission may establish special seasons or special bag limits, and either set reduced fees or waive any or all license fees required by this title, to crop such wildlife. if the commission determines that such cropping by hunters is impractical, it may issue a special permit for taking such wildlife to the landowner, lessee, livestock operator or municipality suffering damage, provided that the edible portions, or other portions as prescribed by the commission, of all such wildlife taken by the person suffering damage are turned over to an agent of the department for delivery to a public institution or charitable organization.
  • E. In the event any person suffering property damage from wildlife is dissatisfied with the decision of the commission, he shall have the right of appeal to the superior court under title 12, chapter 7, article 6.
  • 1991

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