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Development of this Web site was made possible by a grant from the Arizona Cooperative Extension's "Moving to Higher Ground" initiative.

The printed version of the Manual forms the core of the curriculum for the successful and highly regarded Master Gardener volunteer program. The Manual was developed as a collaborative project by county Extension Agents and Specialists, with assistance from University faculty and staff, along with Master Gardeners themselves.

Staff at the College of Agriculture's Water Resources Research Center were responsible for organizing, formatting and manipulating the original material into a Web-suitable format. Due to the size and complexity of the site, special attention has been paid to structure and navigation. Moving between and among sections is simplified by the use of navigation links and images, while indexes and a search utility also aid users in quickly finding information.

Note: Not all chapters of the Arizona Master Gardener Manual available on this Web site. New chapters are being added during the summer and early fall of 1998. Please check back for new chapters.

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Development Team

Kenneth Seasholes, Research Specialist, Water Resources Research Center (no longer with the University)

Site design, project management, HTML coding, image manipulation

Robert DeVoil, Student Employee, Water Resources Research Center

HTML coding, image manipulation, site design

Additional HTML coding was performed by Michael Haseltine of the Office of Arid Lands Studies

This site is hosted on the College of Agriculture's "web site."

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