Review of vocabulary

Spread out the construction paper bee parts from Activity Sheet 1. Use the pieces to ask the students the following questions:

Begin with the largest piece. "What is this part of the bee?" (Abdomen)
"What is the middle-sized body section called?" (Thorax)
"Who remembers what the smallest of the three is called?" (Head)
"Where do the legs attach?" (Thorax)
"Does anyone remember how the bee carries food?" (The pollen is carried in the pollen baskets)
"Where are these pollen baskets found?" (Hind legs)
"Where do the stripes go on the bee's body?" (Abdomen)
"Where should we place the stinger?" (On the end of the abdomen)
"Where are the wings attached?" (Thorax)
"How many eyes does the bee have?" (Five)
"How many legs does the bee have?" (Six)
"How many wings does the bee have?" (Four)

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