College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the University of Arizona   Desert Durum: Gem of the Southwest

What is Desert Durum wheat? Where is it grown? How is it developed? Why is it so prized by millers and pasta makers? These and other questions are answered in this video about a farm crop that provides Arizona with an internationally known identity for a unique resource. Semolina from Desert Durum wheat is the prime ingredient in some of the world’s finest pasta!


-- What is Desert Durum?
-- What are the market classes of U.S. wheat?
-- How is Desert Durum unique?
-- A wheat broker’s view of Desert Durum
-- The Desert Durum production cycle
-- Desert Durum is “Identity Preserved”
-- Why millers appreciate Desert Durum
-- Why pasta makers value Desert Durum

Presented by the Arizona Grain Research and Promotion Council

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Date: 10/2006