College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the University of Arizona   Desert Durum: From Plant to Pasta

Desert Durum wheat, grown only in the low deserts of Arizona and Southern California, is a prized ingredient in some of the world’s finest pasta. This video details the processes, procedures and evaluations that result in a product that meets the needs of millers, pasta makers and consumers of fine pasta. Visit with a plant breeder, a contract grain handler, a durum grower, a grain exporter, a durum miller and a pasta maker. Each tells the story of a superior pasta ingredient that is available only from farms in the desert Southwest.

Breeding Desert Durum for consumer preferences
Producing Desert Durum by “Identity Preservation”
A Desert Durum grower’s vision
Merchandising a quality product – the “gold standard”
Milling Desert Durum – accessing the value
Making pasta with Desert Durum semolina
Completing the circle of Desert Durum

Presented by the Arizona Grain Research and Promotion Council

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Date: 10/2006