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This video on safe gun handling shows what really happens when a bullet hits something with Lethal Impact. In dramatic show-motion demonstrations, various targets are destroyed by shots fired from a .243 caliber rifle, a 12 gauge shotgun, and a .22 caliber rifle. The video emphasizes three basic safety rules for gun handling, and the need for firearms safety training before using any type of gun.

Television shows, computer games and movies constantly show people using guns carelessly. To encourage gun safety and to show the real power of modern guns and ammunition, this 12 minute video was developed by Arizona 4-H Youth Development, the National Rifle Association Foundation and local law enforcement agencies. Endorsed by the National 4-H Shooting Sports Development Committee, the video is perfect for 4-H shooting sports programs, juvenile justice systems, hunter education programs, and gun safety training classes. While this video is not a complete gun safety course, it does give young people gun safety guidelines and dramatically shows them the Lethal Impact caused by one little bullet.

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Date: 01/1998