College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the University of Arizona   Greenhouse Hydroponics From Seed to Harvest

Want to make your tomatoes, peppers or cucumbers really happy? Try hydroponics! A wide variety of plants will grow splendidly in a hydroponics greenhouse. Hydroponics is a system for growing plants without soil, using nutrients and water. In this video, Dr. Gene Giacomelli and Dr. Patricia Rorabaugh from the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center at the University of Arizona explain the basic structures and procedures used in operating a hydroponics greenhouse. This growing system produces great results for teachers, students, researchers, commercial growers, hobbyists and horticultural therapists. The video also covers techniques for greenhouse planting, plant management and pruning, using bees for pollination and crop harvesting. Learn how hydroponics can help you or your students grow thriving plants with great yields.

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Author : Gene Giacomelli
Date: 2/2007