College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the University of Arizona   Defending Your Home and Property From Wildfires

Wildfires destroy thousands of acres of land each year, creating millions of dollars in damage and property loss.

To protect your home and property, check out the techniques demonstrated in this video including:
• How to make landscaping fire resistant
• Creating fire protection zones around your property.
• Examining structural elements of homes and other buildings for fire safety
• Making your property accessible to firefighters and emergency personnel

Learn how to take safety precautions and set-up fire defenses for
homes and properties in many types of environments including:
• Woodlands
• Pine forests
• Grasslands
• Mountainous areas
• Cities and towns near wild lands

Get easy, helpful fire prevention tips from these experts:

Jeff Schalau
Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent
Arizona Cooperative Extension

Art Elek
Fire Prevention Officer
US Forest Service

Jim Coleman
Fire Prevention Specialist
Patagonia Arizona Volunteer Fire Department

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Author : Jeff Schalau
Date: 02/2004