Michael McClure

Professor - The School of Plant Sciences
541D Marley Bldg.
(520) 621-7161 / (520) 621-2895 (Lab)

Educational Background

  • B.S., Plant Pathology, University of California, Davis, 1959 Ph.D., Nematology/Entomology University of California, Davis, 1964
  • Assistant Professor. Rutgers University. 1965-1968.

Research Interests

Research conducted in the Nematology lab encompasses nematode biology, ultrastructure, host-parasite interactions, and control, with a current focus on turf grass nematodes.

Selected Publications

  • McClure, M.A., Nichwitz, C., Skantar, A., Schmitt, M., and Subbotin, S.A.. 2011. Root-knot Nematodes in Golf Course Greens of the Western United States. 2011. Plant Disease. Submitted.
  • McClure, M.A., Schmitt, M.E. and McCullough, M.D. 2008. Distribution, Biology and Pathology of Anguina pacificae. Journal of Nematology 40: 226-239.
  • Hubbard, J.E., Schmitt, M., McClure, M. Stock, P., and Hawes, M.C. 2005. Characterization of root exudate induced quiescence in parasitic, entomophathogenic, and free-living nematode species. Nematology 7:321-331
  • Hu,G., McClure, M.A., and Schmitt, M.E.. 2000. Origin of a Meloidogyne incognita Surface Coat Antigen. Journal of Nematology 32:174-182.
  • Gravato-Nobre, M. J., McClure, M.A., Calder, D.,Davies, K, Mulligan, B., Evans, K., and von Mende, N.. 1999. Meloidogyne incognita surface antigen epitopes in infected Arabidopsis roots. Journal of Nematology 31:212 223.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Plant Pathology 551
  • Plant Pathology 616
  • Plant Pathology 305 Guest Lecturer 2005-2011

Areas of Research

  • Plant Protection and Pathology