Public Land Grazing Management: Walker Basin Allotment

U.S. Forest Service
Forest Service

University of Arizona
University of Arizona
College of Agriculture

Location Map of Allotment in Arizona

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Developed by
George B. Ruyle
Barbara Hutchinson
Liz Blake
Michael Haseltine

Managing Livestock Grazing on Forest Service Lands
Administration and relationship to environmental legislation, e.g., the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
Description, History, and Virtual Auto Tour
Description and history of the allotment
Maps and GIS Applications
Maps of cover, elevation, geology, vegetation, watersheds, etc., plus link to GIS applications being developed for Walker Basin
Allotment Management Records
Allotment management plans, operating plans, and correspondence
Resource Inventory and Monitoring
Transects, study plots, wildlife assessments, and more
Inventory and Maintenance Responsibility
Fencing, water development, juniper control and seeding projects
Contacts for more information
Links to additional resources

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