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Extension Water Summit: May 1, 2008
Coordinating and Communicating Needs & Resources - The goal of the summit was to provide the framework for additional collaboration within the college's extension system and bring focus to the many varied aspects of the complex issue of Extension's water programs.

Working Notes from the Summit [PDF]. Water Summit Survey [PDF]. Water Summit Survey Summary Presentation [PDF]


  • Water Resources Research Center [PDF] - Sharon Megdal, Director
  • Soil, Water, & Environmental Science [PDF] - Channah Rock, Water Quality Specialist
  • Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering [PDF] - Ed Martin, Irrigation Specialist
  • School of Natural Resources - Lisa Graumlich, Director
  • USDA-CSREES Region 9 Water Quality [PDF] - Kitt Farrell-Poe, Water Quality Specialist
  • Office of Arid Lands Studies - Chuck Hutchinson, Director
  • Cochise County Water Programs [PDF] - Suan Pater, Director
  • Maricopa County Water Programs [PDF] - Monica Pastor, Director
  • Yavapai County Water Programs [PDF] - Jeff Schalau, Director


ACE Annual Conference
Water Quality: Arizona is Taking Research to the People [PDF] - This presentation focused on methods used to connect both science and human dimensions (peoples' perceptions and behaviors regarding water quality) to the community. Innovative activities in Arizona, the region, and the nation were highlighted. The end results are that research is integrated into the day-to-day lives of Arizonans through cooperative efforts among regulators, educators, and end users.


ACE Water Quality Conference - Southwest Colorado River Water Resource Issues - Tuesday, December 14, 2004, Yuma Crossing State Park. Presentations were made by the Bureau of Reclamation, Yuma Water Users Association, Yuma Parks and Recreation, and Yuma area growers. Participants also learned how to create a marketing and educational training DVD. Agenda: [PDF]



WATER QUALITY and VOLUNTEER MONITORING: A Workshop for Water Education Professionals - December 15-16, 2004, Yuma Crossing State Park. This workshop was for educators and organizers who:

  • Plan to conduct water quality training for citizens and students in Arizona
  • Plan to conduct training for groups that wish to monitor various water quality parameters
  • Want to learn about water quality and resource information materials available through Land Grant universities
  • Want to increase their skills in leading water quality monitoring programs


  • Water Quality, Watershed Management, & the Environment - ADEQ
  • A Brief Overview of Monitoring - USDA-CSREES
  • What It All Means: What we monitor, Why we monitor those things, Why it matters to monitor those things, How to use the data - USDA-CSREES
  • Getting and Using Volunteer-Collected Information - USDA-CSREES
  • Effectively Working with Volunteer Water Quality Monitors: “Why’s, What’s, and How To’s” - USDA-CSREES

Advertising flier [PDF], Agenda [PDF], Evaluation of Workshop [PDF]



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