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The Watershed Management issues that Arizona Extension Faculty and Staff are addressing include:

bullet Agricultural Contributions to Surface Water Quality
bullet Escape of Animal and Human Wastes into Water Courses During Flood Events
bullet Erosion
bullet Rangeland
bullet Pharmaceuticals
(in surface water)
bullet Stormwater Management Awareness
bullet Integrated Water/Watershed Management for Arid/Semi-Arid Watersheds

Program Planning
This page describes the strategic-planningl components for the Watershed Management theme.
Arizona Watershed Information
This site provides a whole host of information on Arizona watersheds and is grouped by river basins.
Water Education for Teachers logo Arizona Project WET
Project WET is an interdisciplinary, supplementary water education program for Arizona educators. WET provides teaching aids for kindergarteners through 12th graders. Information about the Nonpoint Source Water Pollution Curriculum for grades 9-12 is also available on the site.
Arizona WET Grade 9-12 Curriculum on Nonpoint Source Water Pollution
The "Arizona WET Nonpoint Source Water Pollution Curriculum for grades 9-12" is an Arizona-specific water quality curriculum for high school students. The curriculum consists of three books, an envelope of supplements, and the University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center's map ("Arizona Water"). The curriculum is designed as a 4-6 week unit. Its hands-on activities and portions of the student reading material can also be used separately to supplement an existing high school science curriculum.
Arizona Rangelands: Streams, Wetlands, and Water Quality Protection
This page discusses safe drinking water, riparian, and wetland issues for ranchers.
Arizona Extension Water Quality Listserv
The extension-wq listserv (mailing list) is a communication tool primarily for persons interested in water quality issues and discussion in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences for the University of Arizona. It is a way for subscribers to communicate with each other; send notices about special classes, events, and workshops; and talk about issues and resources. Most of the information will revolve around integrating Extension, education/instruction, and research, with emphasis on Extension activities and concerns in Arizona and the southwest.    
Hydrologic Unit Area project
Hydrologic Unit Area (HUA) Projects existed through a joint effort of the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) - Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Farm Service Agency (FSA), and local producers. The USDA funded the HUA Projects as part of the 1990 Water Quality Initiative, a nationwide project created to provide education helping to minimize potential impacts of agricultural practice on groundwater quality.
Hydrology and Water Resources Department
Arizona Water Resources Research Center
(WRRC) was established in 1957 to facilitate university research at all three Arizona universities on water problems of critical importance to the state and region. Related missions are to communicate water-related research needs from research users to researchers and to report research findings to potential users of that information. Site includes a Searchable database of water-related research at the University of Arizona; Find a water expert in Arizona and Arizona water quality issues summary
Udall Center, Environmental and Natural Resources Policy - The environmental & natural resources policy program at the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy includes projects and publications related to environmental and public policy conflict resolution, community-based conservation, and water policy.
Educational Resources
This page lists, by educational material type, the educational resources available through the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension to support the Watershed Management theme. Educational materials include fact sheets, idea booklets for hands-on activities, tabletop displays, books, equipment & test kits, physical models, software, slide presentations, PowerPoint presentations, and videos.
Youth activity pages
These activities were developed to make learning and demonstrating water resource concepts exciting and fun!  They can be adapted for elementary and secondary students, both in and out of the classroom.  All the activities are hands-on and most are low cost or no cost.  Each activity has a one-sentence purpose, background for the educator, list of materials, step-by-step procedure, and extensions.
Other resources
This page provides links to other sources of information.

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