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E=mc2 My Projects :)
Yet-anther Object-Oriented Lex (YooLex)
This is a Flex replacement that generates C++ STL compatible, fully re-entrant scanner classes. Hopefully this software will become as popular as CookMail. It is released with BSD-like license. As one could imagine, YooParse, a C++ parser code generator is my next motive.
This program is a yacc/bison like parser generator, but it generate C++/STL codes. It is designed to work with YooLex to provide a parser solution in C++.
CookMail HomePage
It is a CGI program that handls email forms. My proudest software so far. Used by many ISP's and universities world wide.
Threaded Mud Client (TMud)
My old mud client found a new home. It STILL does not have a script buildin although other components are finished. Right now it is a C++ kit for people knows some C++ to write the trainer. It uses GNU Public License.
ChDay Chinese Web Counter HomePage
A largely ignored Chinese date/counter display program though few out there does the same :( The Chinese date on top of this page is generated by this program. My brother Xiang also uses it.
My first ever program released to public. It is a simple utility that directly converts binary files into 16bit DOS object format, compatible with Borland C++ 3 and Microsft C. I received a postcard from Italy for the work.
Heng Yuan's Chinese Web Directory (defunct)
My once popular Chinese web directory was forced down after it has been the main load of Ag.Arizona.EDU for a few years. Obviously it made the people who were supposed to be serviced by the server not happy. Oh well, some fun time for me.
Note that I did not write CXterm, a popular chinese Xterm that supports Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) languages viewing and input. All I did was the re-packaging and (un)installation scripts and some script changes. CXterm finally found a home @ sourceforge by Changsen Xu. He put me as a co-maintainer for the project. If you are interested in the further development of this software, contact us.