Frequently Asked Questions about The Waffle House

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with Waffle House Corp. This FAQ is not endorsed by the Waffle House.

1> How many ways can the Waffle House prepare their hashbrowns? Golden Hashbrowns: Waffle House traditional Scattered & Smothered: Scattered on the grill and smothered with onions. Scattered, Smothered & Covered: Even more delicious when topped with melted cheese! && Scattered. Smothered, Covered & Chunked: Chunks of "Hickory Smoked" ham make this a real treat! Scattered, Smothered, Covered, Chunked & Topped: Topped with Bert's Chili - Waffle House Style! Scattered, Smothered, Covered, Chunked, Topped & Diced: Fresh Diced tomatoes - our latest and greatest way! 2> How many Waffle Houses are there? This information is forthcoming but I believe there's more then 1100 3> Trivia From the Waffle House Menu: - Good Food Fast Since 1955 - Over 244,000,000 Waffles Served Since 1955 - World's Leading Server of Waffles - World's Leading Server of Cheese'n'Eggs, Raisin Toast, Grits, and Apple Butter - World's Leading Server of Omelettes 4> What types of waffles can you get at the Waffle House? The two main types are the plain waffle and the pecan waffle. You can choose from Lite Syrup, Regular Syrup or Honey. This may differ from Waffle House to Waffle House. 5> What's up with the Waffle House songs? One of the most wondrous things about the Waffle House is that in every jukebox they have a number of Waffle House songs. These songs are here to annoy the employees and regulars and amuse the drunken masses on Friday and Saturday nights. A partial list (From M. Mitchell Marmel): "GOOD FOOD FAST" - Eddie Middleton "WAFFLE DOO-WOP" - Waffle Records "WAFFLE HOUSE FAMILY I" - Mary Welch Rogers "WAFFLE HOUSE FAMILY II" - Waffle Records 852512 "WAFFLE HOUSE HOME 1" - Mary Welch Rogers w/ Tina Britton "WAFFLE HOUSE HOME 11" - Mary Welch Rogers w/ Trudy Franklin - Waffle Records 86278 "WE'RE GONNA PUSH" - Gary Garcia/Walter Canter, Jr. "WHAT CAN WE DO" - Waffle Records 11-91 "WAFFLE HOUSE THANK YOU" - Mary Welch Rogers "WE'RE DEDICATED" 6> How do I get in touch with Waffle House? For comments about food or service : "Let Us Know" Dept. P.O. Box 6450 Norcross, Ga. 30091 To contact the corporate HQ: Waffle House 5986 Financial Drive Norcross, GA. 30071 Ph. # : (404) 729-5700 If you have any additions or comments for the next version of the Waffle House FAQ then write to Chip Woods at . NOTE: I think that I'll add a summary of all the math about the hamburgers at some point soon.