Graduate Programs in Ecology and Zoology

Helpful Links on Graduate School Programs:

    Graduate Programs in Ecology/Wildlife/Conservation/Behavior

       Graduate Programs in Animal Behavior --from the Animal Behavior Society
       Graduate Programs in Fisheries --from the American Fisheries Society--look near the bottom of the
                                                                        section on criteria for a listing
        Graduate Programs in Landscape Ecology, Spatial Ecology, & Biogeography
       Graduate Programs in Wildlife Biology --from The Wildlife Society

    General Sources
       Peterson's Guide to Colleges
       Kaplan's --information on nearly 50,000 graduate programs
       U.S. News and World Report --various rankings and information
       College Net --general information and search capabilities for graduate schools
       Careers in Science and Engineering: A Student Planning Guide to Grad School and Beyond --a very helpful guide
                        available free on-line

Updated 5 January 2000
John L. Koprowski