Research/Job Experiences in Biology
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     Hands-on experience can be one of the most critical experiences for focuses your career aspirations.  This page contains a number of links that may be helpful in finding temporary or permanent positions--some of these will be paid and others will be volunteer.  Also, look for hints on being competitive here too.

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  University of Arizona Links

   Summer Research w/Govt       Funding for Student Projects

   Biology/Ecology Job Opportunities (Summer/Permanent)

   Local Jobs       State Jobs       Federal Jobs

   Volunteer Opportunities (International)       Career Advice/Hints

University of Arizona
     Honors College --internal and external opportunities
     Undergraduate research opportunity links --a nice compilation of links to local programs
     Undergraduate Biology Research Program --a multidisciplinary program with on- and off-campus opportunities

Helpful Links Primarily for Governmental Summer Research Experiences:
     Long-term Ecological Research Program
     Minorities in Marine Science Undergraduate Program
     National Science Foundation Student Research Opportunities
     National Institutes of Health Research Training Experiences
     National Institute of Health Student Opportunities
     National Istitute of Health Undergraduate Scholarship Program
     National Institute of Mental Health Training Opportunities
     Organization of Biological Field Stations

Funding for Specific Student Research Projects
     American Society of Mammalogists Grants-in-Aid of Research --another source of potential research funds for students
     American Society of Mammalogists List of Grant Sources
     Council on Undergraduate Research Research Grants --a potential source of funds for summer research experiences
     Explorers Club Grants --provide grants for conducting field research
     Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research --provides grants for conducting scientific research

Helpful Links for a Variety of Summer & Postbaccalaureate Experiences:

    Careers in Biology --an excellent compendium of links to various careers in biology

     American Society of Plant Physiologists --visit the job bank and info on fellowships
     Archbold Biological Station Jobs and Internships --positions in central Florida
     Backdoor Jobs --an ad site for a book but the site contains excellent sample links
     Baylor University's SMART program for Biomedical Research Experiences --biotech positions
     Bio-tech Jobs
     Bioview --primarily biotech positions
     Bureau of Land Management Environmental Education & Volunteers
     ConsultMarine (Jobs in Marine/Environmental Biology)
     E-jobs (Environmental Jobs)
     Environmental Jobs
     E-E link
     Environmental Career Links
     Environmental Science and Policy Internships (Univ of Maryland)
     The EnviroNetwork Job Board
     Entry-level Job Seeker
     Illinois Natural History Survey
     Institute for Bird Populations
     International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience
     JobSearch --a general searchable site with summer and permanent jobs--right click on links to open
                            This is an extraordinarily powerful site for summer, temp, and permanent positions with a
                            plethora of international sources of jobs/internships
     JobScience --jobs in Biotech and Health/Med Professions
     Microbiology Jobs
     Missouri Botanical Garden
     The Nature Conservancy
     Non-profit Environmental Jobs
     Orion Grassroots Internship Network
     Organization of Biological Field Stations--many individual field stations offer volunteer, expenses-
                                                                            paid, paid positions-->this site provides links to stations
     ScienceNet --a comprehensive listing of opportunities in biology and the health professions
     Sciencejobs --a source for jobs in all disciplines of science
     SCA-Student Conservation Assistants
     Society of Wetland Scientists Job Site
     Symbios Inc. Job Board (Pharma/Biotech)
     Teach for America
     Volunteer for Science Program
     Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences Job Board (Texas A&M)
     Wildlife Rehabilitation Jobs and Internships
     Zoo & Aquaria Jobs--entry level jobs mixed throughout; scroll down to wonderful internships
     Zoo & Aquaria Links--find a zoo/aquaria of interest and search its personnel/employment pages

Local/Regional Jobs:
    Arizona AgNIC --no jobs directly but a number of great links to agencies in the west
   Arizona Department of Agriculture
    Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Jobs
    Arizona Department of Game and Fish
    Arizona Department of Water Resources
    Arizona Jobs --general job site for Arizona
    Arizona Joblink --general job site for Arizona
    Arizona Healthcare Jobs --jobs in health care
    Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum Volunteer Opportunities
    Arizona Sonoran Desert Musuem Jobs On-line
    Arizona State Parks
    Arizona State University Main Campus Jobs On-line
    Arizona State University West Jobs On-line
    Biosphere 2 Jobs On-line
    Northern Arizona University Jobs On-line
    Phoenix Zoo Volunteer Opportunities
    Official State of Arizona Job Site --state of Arizona job listings for all departments
    Tucson-jobs --general site for Tucson area jobs
    University of Arizona Jobs On-line

Pacific Northwest Jobs:
     CascadeLink: Jobs
     City of Portland--Metro Jobs
     City of Salem Jobs
     City of Keizer Jobs
     Hatfield Marine Science Center of OSU
     H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest in Oregon
     Local Government Links in Oregon --use these links to access personnel departments in many Oregon cities
     Marion County (Salem-Keizer) Jobs
     Multnomah County Jobs
     Oregon Coast Aquarium Jobs
     Oregon Coast Aquarium Volunteer
     Oregon Health Sciences University  --includes the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center
     Oregon Museum of Science and Industry Jobs & Internships
     Oregon Museum of Science and Industry Volunteers
     Oregon State University
     Oregon/Wash Bureau of Land Management--Salem Office --scroll down to seasonal & student programs
     Oregon Zoo Internships
     Oregon Zoo Jobs
     Oregon Zoo Volunteers
     Salem's Statesman-Journal Newspaper --search the classified ads for local, state, and national adds
     State of Oregon Jobs
     State of Oregon--Dept of Fish and Wildlife
     State of Oregon--Dept of Forestry
     State of Oregon--Wildlife Volunteer Program
     State of Washington Jobs
     State of Washington--Department of Ecology
     Volunteer for Science Program
     Yamhill County Jobs

State Jobs:
     State and Local Governments on the Web --an excellent compendium of links that is a GREAT place to start
              find the state of interest and check for departments that are appropriate for your career interests.
              Many states have various health, environment, natural resources/wildlife & fisheries, agriculture,
              parks & rec, forestry, and tourism departments that would employ biologists.  This listing enables you
              to see all of the departments for a particular state.  While some states have individual listings under
              each department, most have a job openings link via the Department of Personnel or Dept of Human
              Resources; these job listings contain all openings acrossed departments and can be a great place to
     State Department of Fish and Wildlife Links --a nice compilation of links to state and federal agencies--
                                                                                    look under 'Related Links'

     State of Alaska Jobs
     State of Arizona--Dept of Game and Fish
     State of California--Dept of Fish and Game
     State of Colorado Jobs
     State of Delaware-Dept of Natural Resources
     State of Hawaii Jobs
     State of Hawaii--Dept of Land and Natural Resources (Volunteer Program)
     State of Idaho--Jobs (Permanent)
     State of Idaho--Dept of Fish and Game Seasonal Positions
     State of Maryland--Dept of Natural Resources
     State of Montana Jobs  & Job Descriptions--Dept of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks
     State of Missouri--Department of Conservation
     State of Nevado Jobs
     State of New Mexico Jobs
     State of Oregon Jobs
     State of Oregon--Dept of Fish and Wildlife
     State of Oregon--Dept of Forestry
     State of Oregon--Wildlife Volunteer Program
     State of Texas-- Parks and Wildlife Job Board
     State of Utah--Dept of Natural Resources
     State of Virginia--Dept of Conservation and Recreation
     State of Virginia Job Links
     State of Virginia Job Listings
     State of Washington Jobs
     State of Washington--Department of Ecology
     State of Wyoming--Game and Fish Dept

Federal Jobs:
     Agricultural Research Service--USDA
     Federal Jobs (by State) --text files of the most recent federal jobs of any kind by state
     Forest Service Temporary and Summer Employment
     Forest Service Volunteer Positions
     Forest Service Jobs
     Long-term Ecological Research Program
     USA Jobs (Federal Job Listing and Application)

International Jobs: NEW!!!
  Australian Jobs --a massive job site
  Australia Jobs by Anancyweb
  BUNAC Working Adventures Worldwide
  JobSearch --a general searchable site with summer and permanent jobs--right click on links to open
                            This is an extraordinarily powerful site for summer, temp, and permanent positions with a
                            plethora of international sources of jobs/internships

Volunteer Opportunities (International)--occasionally paid positions too!
     Amerispan --volunteer/internships in Spanish-speaking countries
     Association for International Practical Training
     Backdoor Jobs --an ad site for a book but the site contains excellent sample links
     BUNAC Working Adventures Worldwide NEW!!!
     Caribbean Conservation Corporation --research assistant & volunteer positions tagging sea turtles
     Institute for International Cooperation and Development
     Interaction Volunteer Opportunities (International) --a nice compendium of links
     International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience
     Jatun Sacha--Opportunities in Ecuador
     Peace Corps
     Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece
     Volunteering in Western Australia NEW!!!

Helpful Career Links:

  Princeton Review --helpful information on many postbaccalaureate options

Hints to being competitive:

    1. Remember to keep your curriculum vitae (resume) active by gaining as much experience as
                possible even with short duration volunteer experiences.  Check with local government
                agencies, parks, zoos, museums, universities, clinics, bio-oriented businesses and
                school systems for opportunities to keep active in biology.  While on campus, try to
                gain experience working or volunteering on research projects of your professors even
                if this initially means washing dishes.  Also, positions associated with the writing center,
                computer center, library, bio/chem lab preparation room, grounds crew, etc. can
                provide good experiences that demonstrate a commitment to a science oriented
    2. Choose your courses carefully to demonstrate a rigorous undergraduate career--solid
                coursework in biology/environmental science is assumed but supporting courses
                in chemistry, math, physics, and computer science not only increase your
                academic breadth but also demonstrate to your potential employer that you have
                had a rigorous undergraduate experience.  Also, consider taking meaningful support
                courses in speech/media/rhetoric, writing, geographic information systems,
                geology/geography, sociology, psychology, anthropology, politics, etc.  These
                courses will provide a more well rounded appearance to your academic career and
                help you demonstrate to your employer that you are a serious developing professional.
    3. Join a professional society/organization--each subdiscipline of biology has a least one
                and often many journals associated with it.  Many of these journals are supported
                by a professional society.  Members of that society get the journal and newsletter.
                These publications allow you to keep up with changes in the field and also
                job openings while demonstrating that you are in fact interested in the field.  Most
                societies have a special student rate as well.  As your professors which societies
                are the most pertinent and 'student/recent graduate friendly'.
    4. Carefully craft your cover letter and curriculum vitae to demonstrate a logical progression
                in your growth as a professional.--remember first impressions can be last impressions.
                Your letter should be the very best that you are capable of writing.  Be certain to
                have a number of people who you trust to give you a brutally honest review look over
                and comment on your cover letter.  Make use of the writing center and career services
    5.    No job is too small--try to get your foot in the door and win over people with your
                skill and work ethic.  This may mean taking a suboptimal position initially but
                it gives you experience and perhaps the chance to obtain a more permanent position.
                View each position as an opportunity not as a demeaning position that is not dignified
                enough for you.  In the latter case, you will not win anyone over.
    6.    Don't burn bridges--much of your future success will depend upon your ability to work
                with others.  Sometimes these other folks can be difficult to work with but
                remember that there are two sides to every story.  The professional world it too small
                and you need all of the help that you can get.  Keep in touch with valued colleagues
                and friends after you leave.

Updated 11 Feb 2011