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Thinking of applying for an MAT or MA program to pursue elementary or secondary education as a career?  The best advice is to get started with your preparation early--1.5 to 2.0 years in advance will provide the best chance of success in admissions.  Most schools require applications in December or January during the year prior to your desired starting date.  The exam most often required in the Praxis which is typically given several times a year at 2-3 month intervals.  During the fall test dates are usually in September and November--registration times are 1 month prior to each exam--so plan ahead.  Avoid closing doors due to applying late and rushing the process of testing and letter writing. This page contains a number of links that may be helpful in your quest to find the appropriate match of an MAT program.  Please forward additional helpful or dead links to Professor John L. Koprowski (

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Helpful Links on Postbaccalaureate Programs in General:

      Peterson's Guide to Colleges
      Kaplan's --information on nearly 50,000 graduate programs
      U.S. News and World Report --various rankings and information
      College Net --general information and search capabilities for graduate schools

Helpful Links to the Required Exams for MAT Admission:

        Praxis Exam --a great site from the test developers (ETS) with the most up-to-date test dates and on-line
        California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) --the home page for a standardized exam that is used for
                                            admission to Oregon and California MAT programs.
        Graduate Record Exam (GRE)

Links to Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Programs and Information
        Just a sampling of programs with which I am familiar:

        University of Arizona's MA programs
        Willamette University's MAT program --The home page of the Willamette University MAT program
        School for International Training's MAT program in Spanish, French and ESOL
        Duke University's MAT program --a site with some helpful background information
        Towson University's MS in Science Education --focused on physical and life science education

    A helpful publication might be:

       Alternative Paths To Teaching: A Directory of Postbaccalaureate Programs. American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, Second Edition, February, 1996. This directory provides information on 257 programs in colleges and
universities for those who already have a bachelor’s degree and want to earn a teaching license, a master’s degree, or both,
including the approximate time to earn a license. Coursework and other requirements may vary according to the candidate’s
educational background and experience. For information on price and shipping charges, phone AACTE (202) 293-2450.

Link to Teach for America

        Teach for America

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Updated 11 Feb 2011
John L. Koprowski